What clothes should I be Packing in my Luggage

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What clothes should I be Packing in my Luggage

Are you wondering, what clothes should I be packing in my luggage when all your travel arrangements are in full force. You have your Passport and Visa ready, you are mentally prepared to take that flight and the only thing remaining is packing your bag. My dear Indian bride coming abroad, hear it from a PRO what should be in your luggage when you travel for a long-term stay or shifting permanently. Nope, I am not talking about the airline security guidelines, you have to follow that anyhow. What I have for you is a special list that will really help you be organized and ready even before you fly. Let’s see:

Major part of luggage is clothes : Categorize, Group and label .Do it, really.

You should keep in mind the weather in the destination country in the next couple of months. Don’t plan your luggage(dresses wise) to support you for longer than 3 months, because you will go places and will buy stuff that suits your new lifestyle. For a start you can create the following categories in your mind:

***Weather         ***Occupation         *** Lifestyle          ***Hobbies

a. Weather: Yep the most important, be prepared to encounter the new wind, if your destination country is cold bring some sweaters and jackets in colours that can go with different dresses but remember you need only moderately warm clothes even in the extreme cold and snowy times, ask me why… because of room heating systems installed everywhere. Of course when you step out you need a warm coat(if you don’t need one right away,skip it, buy it there as per the new trend in the new country). Also, a couple of stoles or a shawl can come in handy for covering the neck. A well covered neck and chest can give you a good warm feeling when you most need it. If you are going to a warmer country buy some nice cotton dresses and skirts, I personally like them in the color white, they look just amazing! Don’t forget to take some tops or dresses with paisley print, everyone abroad loves that print, be sure of bagging compliments when you wear that, however keep the bling to the lowest, it won’t come handy. If you like bling, bring that on in accessories. A tastefully placed brooch or a nice bracelet can give the effect you want, without going OTT.
Note : you should keep in mind the temperature of the transit country if you are not flying direct, its best to dress up in layers when taking a flight, so that you can remove layers when needed.

b. Occupation : Are you going via your software company/bank for a project and going to be working almost as soon as you arrive, pack your formals and some smart casuals for dress down Fridays. If you are going to start from scratch and are going to search for a job, it’s also a good idea to keep one white shirt and one formal dress to be prepared for an interview just in case, you don’t want to be running to a store to buy formals just before an interview day. There could be various other occupations, it’s always a good idea to bring dresses that go with your work life. One friend is a professional yoga trainer, she brought lots of yoga outfits in her first luggage, a few she uses and the rest she gives to her students. Another one gives dance outfits for rent, she has a good collection of Indian dance clothes here because she needs it for her shows.

c. Lifestyle and culture : If you are going to be mostly at home bring comfortable clothes and some ballerinas. If you like to work out bring your workout outfit and running shoes. If you are going to be traveling a lot, you can pack a pair of comfortable shoes and pack a backpack in your luggage. Think about your lifestyle, talk to your husband about what plans he has for you, then you would know what to pack. It’s important that you know the culture of the destination country and get dresses that help you integrate, sure dressing up is not the only thing that matters or the only thing that can help you integrate, but what you are wearing gives a lot of people a first impression about you. Yes, at times when you are wearing an Indian dress, people say nice things to you and admire the dress so keeping it for occasions is definitely a good idea. However, If you feel comfortable and you feel up for it then get clothes that fit well in the country you will be living in, remember “when in Rome be like Romans.”

d. Hobbies: Pottery, cooking, tennis, football, clay modeling, dancing whatever your hobby is, if it requires, bring the necessary attire to go with it. If you plan to buy it overseas it might not be easy to get it, it might not be the kind you want, or might be way more expensive than back home. When I came to Switzerland I didn’t know how to swim but I wanted to learn. So a friend suggested that we go together to have a fist impression of how I feel in a pool before signing up for a proper class. Now ‘I needed a swim suit’ so I went to store after store and didn’t like any, the not-expensive ones were either too tight, too low-cut, too this, too that ..every time I tried. After a lot of scowling in the fitting rooms, I bought one that looked nice on me, my last frown was on the counter when I paid a fortune for it! When I reached the pool my friend was wearing an awesome swimsuit, she said she bought that it in India for Rs.500 some time ago, and it was this perfect swimsuit with a nice print, adjustment gear and a small skirt like thing on it (no, not the frill like stuff) to give you that extra confidence. At that moment I wished I had bought one in my luggage. A side story, this exact friend with the awesome swimsuit loves to dance, she’s so good at it, that eventually she got a chance to do a Bollywood Dance show, and she didn’t have the dance dresses! Needless to say she got them delivered here with a courier as expensive as an air ticket.

Note : Never keep expensive jewelry in the check-in luggage.

Lastly try not to keep luggage packing for the last moment, and keep some space for the last-minute goodbye gifts that people might give you. Also, there would be so many people who would come to meet you and there would be so much emotion and other stuff going on that the stress of packing should be the last thing bothering you.

Having said that, pack your bag baby because you are about to take that flight!

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