What are to-be-NRI brides signing up for?

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What are to-be-NRI brides signing up for?


Brides, before any of you say YES to a matrimonial proposal from an NRI boy, it is essential that you know that along this fantasy full idea of marrying our NRI man and settling abroad, along the idea of getting new wings on your shoulders and to take that flight and going in a foreign country, along this new ability to go to some much sought after photo locations and putting those pics on Facebook, comes a package of BIG metamorphosis. Now we have already read the good things about marrying an NRI groom in my earlier post why to marry an NRI groom. Also we have discussed that how location is not a big deal when you have found the right man in my post why not to marry an NRI guy, but now it’s time for some reality check. It’s time you take into account the list of things that might bring you down, don’t we read many reviews about a product that we want to buy, only to know its bad features, and we want to keep striking them off a mental list that reads .. ‘it’s a deal breaker’.
So here on NRIB, it’s time to face the facts. I broadly categorize the no-so-good things about life of an Indian woman abroad into two categories ‘Things you would miss’ and ‘New life Challenges’, click the link below to read more:

Things you would miss about India : Here, I just want to inform the ‘going to be NRI Bride’ about some facts, that might seem trivial, but are significant topics to be aware of. These in some way or the other have been a part of your life, these might not be a deal breaker but knowing these will help you prepare even more for what lays ahead. And mind you, these are some things that no one would warn you about. And yes, if you are marrying an NRI guy this all is what you are signing up for.

New Life challengesIn this post I want to tell brides-to-be, and some other people who might be interested in knowing, about some major challenges that NRI women/families have to face living abroad. If you are marrying and NRI man you will have to confront one or more of these challenges.

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