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Where is the romance? Where is the attraction, we should look it could be just under the rug!

August, 2014.

Dear Diary,

Today I was talking to a friend, another NRI nri bridebride and she confessed how she feels that romance is fading out from her marriage. “We are always arguing on simple stuff, basically home chores” she said “and I see all these European people around me walking hand in hands, kissing in public, sitting close and I can see they are in love..what about us, what about us Indian couples? 

She got me thinking, but the more I thought the more clarity I got, I went from couple to couple in the labyrinths of my mind, I met all of them, old, young, beautiful couples also the fight-ful ones. I realized that romance varies from couple to couple even from generation to generation, we can’t copy-paste it across couples and definitely not across cultures, the point is romance should remain, in some way or the other, little or more … but it should stay. In this fast life sometimes we change so much, we lose the magnetism that once really attracted our partner sooo much that we got married, and at that point we start thinking just like Neha thought at that moment. Mind starts to think that ‘love is fading away’ or ‘there is no romance in this life’. Sometimes in married life we do get lost in our jobs and home chores, it’s normal and happens but it doesn’t mean we have stopped loving each other, it only means we can’t find a good time to express it well. Specially living abroad where we do almost all the domestic duties on our own and life is full-up with jobs, household tasks and responsibilities, in this sort of setup the importance of getting a nice relaxed and romantic time with your partner cannot be over-emphasized. (NRI Bride..knock knock)

Romance is not just a thing of the movies, it can happen in our very living room over a cup of coffee or can spark with just a slight brush of hand. We must rejoice the youth and the life-time that we have with each other as a couple, because what’s the point of living a cold, practical life full of work. What’s the point of not loving and not being loved, love is one thing that looks beautiful when you reveal it. If you got it, then flaunt it. When you are capable of giving so much love then why live a life so un-romanced..

** I want to thank Neha for letting me use this feeling that I captured during a conversation over a cup of tea with her  and letting it become the NRI Bride’s diary page.


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