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I am from Delhi, a software engineer by profession and About memarried to an NRI. My darling hubby also belongs to Delhi, but was settled in Switzerland(Zurich) before he found me, it was an arranged marriage, we found each other on Bharatmatrimony.com …what followed was a proper Punjabi wedding with all the flash and glory, amidst all the mithai and mehandi, ladoos and lehengas, all the relatives and rituals, I knew one thing.. I was going away.. taking that flight and going far away. All my friends since childhood and friends that I made at work, my awesome job, my much loved Delhi life, everything was going to be left behind but most importantly my family, my dad, my brother and supremely importantly my mom, who has been my life line. I was supposed to leave them all. Not that I didn’t have any choice in doing all this but it still was a giant leap.

After we found my DH on bhartmatimony.com, my mom suddenly became the envy of some auntiji’s in my neighbor for having found such a nice groom for her daughter, my dad was being called the ‘Zohri’ for having found the diamond in my husband. Many people who were worried about me, worried about my continued unmarried status, my ever increasing age, and the multiple rejections on my matrimonial CV were oddly upset that their worry was over. From red to amber to green my matrimonial project status was fast changing, and soon people concluded that my new status was ‘seeking advice’. So loads and loads of advice followed, but only little proved helpful because all these people who were giving me advice belonged to a spectrum of those who had never been abroad to those who had not seen the sun rise for more than two weeks in a land other than India, and if they had, it was with a group of fifty other Indian people and back in the third week.

I was getting all the pleasant teasing from everyone. Awww Switzerland, wow!, Extended
Honey moon !! Heaven on earth!! The movie location! The land of chocolates!!.. and what not. This all was true but there were also other things that no one told me about, that no one warned me about, the things about the life of an NRI couple, and an NRI woman.

So I reached here and looked for a job and settled, I also had a baby here, a lovely baby boy. The journey from that flight to this day has been full of learning, but the thing that I learned the most is that one needs company and guidance, for starting a new life in a new country, and being the NRI bride. So I decided to start this blog for all the women like me, for those who are about to be an NRI Bride, who are already abroad and for those who are abroad and pregnant. As I have been through all these stages, I want to share my experiences sometimes as an article and sometime as a short story, keep in touch and look out for new posts on my site.

During my last few years and all this fetching
someIMG_3553 life and making something of it, there was something about that free spirited Delhi girl that I was missing, I was missing that writer instinct in me, the part that I always loved about me, this is also to revive that side of me and not letting go of my dreams. Keeping that spirit alive, I want to motivate other women and stand by the fact that  we can do all that we want to do, so join hands in my endeavor and together lets ROCK the life of an NRI Bride…


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