About NRIB..

This blog is for all the women from the Indian origin who are about to get married to, or have already married, a guy living abroad(NRI) and are away from home presently or permanently.

Starting by sharing my experience in articles and short stories my blog aims at bringing the NRI brides together and provide them a room to share their experiences, express themselves, inspire and guide each other, even help and support small start-ups for those who want to do it.

I would try to keep the matter light and fun, as this blog is not about the stories of women who have suffered by marrying an NRI, but this blog is about learning together how to make the most of our situation, how to deal with changes that will be brought forward, how to prepare yourself for being an NRI bride and finally being that NRI Bride..

Are you are a soon-to-be NRI Bride ? Or are already abroad? are you abroad and pregnant? Would you like to read some experiences from some other NRI Brides and  learn from their stories then this site is for you.. Feel free to ask questions in my Contact section by clicking on Ask NRIB, I will try to answer them and I would appreciate if you would take some time out and answer the questions from other NRI Brides, you never know when your advice or your shared experience can help someone, what goes around comes around.. So let’s all join hands and together and rock the life of an NRI bride.

This site is about women and our life and our survival instinct, supporting each other and most importantly being that fabulous NRI Bride that everyone looks up to.

Disclaimer : My blog is not about promoting the NRI groom, also not for demoting him and throwing pebbles at him, just sharing some facts that I can stand by.

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