5 Things You Should NOT Pack in Your luggage

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5 Things You Should NOT Pack in Your luggage


Things You Should NOT Pack in Your luggage

1. Too many medicines, you don’t need them, they will expire soon or look old and you won’t feel like having them. Just bring for the next 6 months and how much would you need in just six months. Shun Shampoo bottles and body wash gels etc.. Remember you are not going to a stranded island(unless you are), and there are real people living there as well.

2. Too many Indian dresses or shoes that go only with Indian dresses. They will sit in your wardrobe taking up major closet estate, and will not be used much. If you are going to be wearing a lot of Indian dresses, say at home or even around and about, then keep the flashy ones to minimum, keep the bling to the lowest. Basic cottons or rich fabrics with good tailored cuts and small details work the best for everyday life. I have learned from my mistakes.

3. Heavy decorative items, you will get them all, wherever you go, there is no dearth of decorative items anywhere in the world, plus this is the era of plain lines and modern minimalist style decor, but each to his own. The point is why give precious luggage space and increase your luggage weight (bring the light one if you must).

4. Kitchen gadgets, leave that sprout maker at home, you might never use it. Your favorite onion chopper, and peelers and what not. Girls try to bring all this stuff, but seriously if something has to be done in the Kitchen, an appliance for it would be available in that country and much suiting to its usability. some electronic appliances would require an adapter because of different shoe on the plug . Some electronic apparatus do not match the permissible voltage. Avoid the hassle.

5. Other electronic items, which you can live without. Drop them too. Your old hair straightener? Again the power allowance and the switch style and size matters. EU has a standard of 230 V, major difference in current can damage your electrical equipment. Check this link to find information on the electrical systems in use in most countries of the world.

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