10 Things You Should Pack in Your luggage

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10 Things You Should Pack in Your luggage

Here are 10 Things You Should Pack in Your luggage, apart from your fabulous Indian dresses. Following are some tips for stuff you might not want to miss taking with you, else you miss them later:

No.10 is definitely important!

1. Few(strictly few) basic medicines that your body is used to , for me its ‘Saridon’ for headaches, ‘D-cold total’ for cold and ‘Honitus’ for cough.   Nothing else works on me, I always pack these in my luggage. It’s always Good idea to bring one for upset stomach.

2. Your Acne cream, if you have one, don’t take the risk of using a new one and getting a full-blown pack of new breakouts, change of weather and water can trigger these things.

3. Mithai, the Indian sweets, you won’t get it abroad in the same taste as your favorite shop back home, take some flavor for you and hubby, it would also be a treat for his friends who would come to meet you in the first few days.

4. Spices, ask your DH what’s not available in his nearby Indian store, is there an Indian store near him at the first place? My friend always brings the special Garam masala made by her mom, she swears by it. The same girl also brings her mom’s pickle,I tasted it last Sunday, now I can swear by it.

5. Your favorite cosmetics bring them, seriously.When I came to Switzerland I realized all my favorite cosmetics were either not available, or not in the right shades or thrice the price.

6. Bring some family photos, this will come in handy, when you are decorating your new home you can place them in a frame and or hang them somewhere, I don’t have to explain what pleasure family photos will give every time you see them.

7. If you are religious, bring your deities with you! Any small status and photos that you can pray to. You can bring incense sticks in mild flavors, these are not only practical for prayers and ceremonies but can also eradicate the odor of spices from your house after an intense cooking session. I have a friend from Kerala she brings plastic banana leaves whenever she goes to India, because banana leaves are not available here and she uses that for Vishnu pooja and some other ceremonial situations. One misses these things when not available, really.

8. Pack your epilator in your luggage, pack batteries for it, if it requires them. Be ready for a first few days till you find a good salon for all this, or may be that’s your normal way of hair removal, then you don’t want to forget that.

9. Global adapter, will come in handy for some appliances that you might want to carry. Ask your DH, he might have one already. If you two are flying together or for the first time, you will feel proud of yourself for having brought this.

10. Very Important, pack your ‘Pill’ or whatever measures you take for pregnancy control, if you are not planning a baby soon. You should carry a good supply of this, the pharmacy might not give you anti-pregnancy pills without subscription from a doctor, at times this simple thing can prove tricky, best is to be prepared from the onset. Also bring a couple of pregnancy test kits, I always bring these, in India price of one pregnancy test kit Rs 50, here approx $12.

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