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Yesterday, on my way back from work I was sitting in my regular train that takes me home from Zurich, my journey in this train every day is no more than 20 minutes, I still closed my eyes trying to get some sleep because it had been a very tiring day.  Before I could really

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Poem : My Reflection

गुड्डियान अते पटोले, तू क्यों छडते खेल सलोने. जिस दिन दी तयारी रोज़ करां उस दिन तों ही दिल क्यों डरदा   लाडो पुछ अपने कंगने तों किस पिंड मुकलावे जाणा है तैनु समझाँदी हाँ चिडिए ईस घर ना तेरा दाना है.   दाना माँ मेनू दे, ना दे खंड तीलेयाँ वांग ना कर मेनू

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nri bride


Where is the romance? Where is the attraction, we should look it could be just under the rug! August, 2014. Dear Diary, Today I was talking to a friend, another NRI bride and she confessed how she feels that romance is fading out from her marriage. “We are always arguing on simple stuff, basically home chores” she said “and I see

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NRI guy who deserted wife after honeymoon

Our guest Sachin asked this question and [email protected] team has answered.. read on.. Question : A quick engagement, followed by a massive wedding, a huge dowry and a honeymoon, after which the NRI husband flies out of India while the wife waits for her visa. I read somewhere that there are over 20,000 brides in

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Choosing Epidural

Let’s talk about a possible painless delivery I SKIPPED my Labor pains, really! I wanted to start this post by telling how painful labor or child-birth is and for sure I can express this I have recently had a baby. ..but hold on …I don’t remember the pain.. I don’t remember any of it!! In

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Announce your pregnancy

When to announce your pregnancy

Can the NRI bride hold this secret? So you are going to be a mom!! The biggest news ever!!!! How are you going to share it? Are you going to hang a banner just outside your window so that everybody reads it, or you are going to spill the beans slowly and hold on to the secret for

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10 Challenges that NRI brides have to face

Challenge for the NRI bride, would she take it?.. Challenges make up the third and most sought after part in the series ’Why you should not marry an NRI’, before I go any further let me specify here my disclaimer again that neither am I promoting nor demoting the NRI groom I am just sharing some

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Things you would miss about India

So, let’s start with the first category where I want to just inform the ‘going to be NRI Bride’ about some facts that might seem trivial but are significant topics to be aware of. These in some way or the other have been a part of your life, these might not be a deal breaker

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What clothes should I be Packing in my Luggage

Are you wondering, what clothes should I be packing in my luggage when all your travel arrangements are in full force. You have your Passport and Visa ready, you are mentally prepared to take that flight and the only thing remaining is packing your bag. My dear Indian bride coming abroad, hear it from a PRO what

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5 Things You Should NOT Pack in Your luggage

  5 Things You Should NOT Pack in Your luggage 1. Too many medicines, you don’t need them, they will expire soon or look old and you won’t feel like having them. Just bring for the next 6 months and how much would you need in just six months. Shun Shampoo bottles and body wash gels etc.. Remember you are not

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10 Things You Should Pack in Your luggage

Here are 10 Things You Should Pack in Your luggage, apart from your fabulous Indian dresses. Following are some tips for stuff you might not want to miss taking with you, else you miss them later: No.10 is definitely important! 1. Few(strictly few) basic medicines that your body is used to , for me its ‘Saridon’ for headaches, ‘D-cold total’ for

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What are to-be-NRI brides signing up for?

  Brides, before any of you say YES to a matrimonial proposal from an NRI boy, it is essential that you know that along this fantasy full idea of marrying our NRI man and settling abroad, along the idea of getting new wings on your shoulders and to take that flight and going in a

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Hearsay, why brides shouldn’t marry NRI grooms

  So, you have found a very good match, he’s most of the things that you were looking for, he is a lovely person that you think you can spend your life with. BUTTTTTTT…he’s an NRI, he lives in a far off land that you have slight or no idea about. Hmmmm.. now what should you

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NRI Bride


This blog is for all the women from the Indian origin who are about to get married to, or have already married, a guy living abroad and are away from home presently or permanently. Starting by sharing my experience in articles and short stories my blog aims at bringing the NRI brides together and provide them a room to share

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Taking that flight

Taking that flight is not as easy as it appears one has to go through many emotional turmoils, win over many mental games with thy self, and then can one take that flight. Story coming up!

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About me

I am also an NRIB.. I am from Delhi, a software engineer by profession and married to an NRI. My darling hubby also belongs to Delhi, but was settled in Switzerland(Zurich) before he found me, it was an arranged marriage, we found each other on …what followed was a proper Punjabi wedding with all the flash and glory,

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