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Yesterday, on my way back from work I was sitting in my

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Poem : My Reflection

गुड्डियान अते पटोले,

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nri bride


Where is the romance? Where is the attraction, we shou

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NRI guy who deserted wife after honeymoon

Our guest Sachin asked this question and [email protected] te

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Choosing Epidural

Let’s talk about a possible painless delivery I SKIPP

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Announce your pregnancy

When to announce your pregnancy

Can the NRI bride hold this secret? So you are going to

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10 Challenges that NRI brides have to face

Challenge for the NRI bride, would she take it?.. Chall

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Things you would miss about India

So, let’s start with the first category where I want

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What clothes should I be Packing in my Luggage

Are you wondering, what clothes should I be packing in

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5 Things You Should NOT Pack in Your luggage

  5 Things You Should NOT Pack in Your lugga

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10 Things You Should Pack in Your luggage

Here are 10 Things You Should Pack in Your luggag

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What are to-be-NRI brides signing up for?

  Brides, before any of you say YES to a matrimoni

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Hearsay, why brides shouldn’t marry NRI grooms

  So, you have found a very good match, he’s mos

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NRI Bride


This blog is for all the women from the Indian origin w

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Taking that flight

Taking that flight is not as easy as it appears one has

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About me

I am also an NRIB.. I am from Delhi, a software enginee

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